Friday, April 24, 2015

Julietta Blogs: Interview with Fancy Nancy!

BACT Blogger Julietta is back! This time, she got to sit down with Miss Fancy Nancy herself, the talented actor Catherine Bartomeo! Julietta is a Bay Area native.  She enjoys art, crafting, theater, nature, and outdoors. In 8 years of soaking up creative talents, she has found many outlets for her creative energy. Activities such as Rainbow Loom, 4-H classes, Lego building and cartwheels take up most of her time.

The Fancy Nancy play was magnefique!! The Fancy Nancy books are about a girl named Nancy who loves being fancy. The play was about the book Fancy Nancy and the Deep Sea Ballet, where Fancy Nancy is going to be in a school play about the ocean, and she wants to be a mermaid, but instead,she is a tree. When she finds out her best friend Bree is the mermaid, she is mad. She wants to be happy for Bree, but she wanted to be the mermaid. At the end, she finds out even though she is a tree in the play, she can still be fancy. My favorite part was the shark rap song. All the characters did a great job in the performance to make the play a fun and fancy experience. Even the audience dressed up fancy! I love reading Fancy Nancy and the play is very fun to see. I think Bay Area Children's Theatre does the best at plays and is my favorite theater to go to and watch plays. I cant wait for the next season for the theater and already know it is going to be amazing like always. I really love bay area childrens theater and highly recommend it to anyone who has never seen their plays.

Catherine Bartomeo as Fancy Nancy and Derricka Smith as Bree!
I got to interview with Katie who is playing Fancy Nancy. She gets into character by warming up with the cast by singing a song and thinking about her character. Her advice for kids who want to act is that they should take theater and voice lessons. Her favorite part of the fancy Nancy play is when she finds out she is a tree for the school play instead of a mermaid. Her favorite play she has been in was Cosette in Les Miserables. Her favorite Fancy Nancy book is Fancy Nancy and the Deep Sea Ballet. Her favorite fancy word is Ooh la la. Her favorite part of preparing for plays is getting to research her character. Her favorite fancy accessory is her seashell crown. She has loved being fancy and dressing up since she was little so she thinks it is very great and fun getting to play Fancy Nancy.

Fancy Nancy, the Musical runs thru May 3rd in Berkeley, May 9-17 in San Ramon (all performances are sold out!), May 23-June 7 in Mill Valley, and June 13-21 in San Francisco. Click here for tickets and more info!