Friday, February 3, 2017

Kara's Blog: Pippi Longstocking, the Beloved Stories Come to Life

Here's a word from our Jr. Blogger, Kara, about the differences between Pippi on the page and Pippi onstage. 

Kara and her sisters show off their Pippi posters outside of Freight and Salvage.

Every BACT show I watch has a different thing that makes it special. For this

show it was bright, cheerful and surprisingly strong Pippi. The BACT play Pippi

Longstocking is based on the stories in the Pippi Longstocking books by Astrid

Lindgren, which were first published in Sweden, in 1945. In comparison to the

books the play has the same great stories with the addition of lively songs, fun props

and exciting staging.

The story is about Pippi, a girl whose mom is gone and her dad

is a pirate lost at sea, so she lives all by herself with a pet horse and a monkey. She

is very silly and has red hair. She also wears mismatched stockings and a patched

blue dress. Next door are two kids named Annika and Tommy. They play with Pippi

and go on fun adventures with her. I really liked watching the book come to life as a

play. My favorite part of the play was when Pippi goes to a carnival and sees a

circus. During the circus the Ringmaster challenges someone to wrestle the strong

man and if they win he will give them a bag full of money. Pippi volunteers and then she wins!
Pippi challenges the strong man, and she wins!

My favorite characters were Pippi, Annika and Tommy. I like Tommy and

Annika because they are kind and they are very nice friends. If I ever met them I

would want to be their friend. I like Pippi because she is brave, clever, strong and

funny. She can get out of any situation and she is fun to be around. I really enjoyed

how the characters brought out their personalities. The actors who did this the best

were the robbers. The sneaky robbers had hysterical personalities.

Pippi and her pal Annika.

 I think Pippi Longstocking is a good play to watch with your family. It is funny, cheerful and the

perfect show to see.

Don't take Kara's word for it--see for yourself. Pippi plays through March 19th. Tickets at

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