Monday, April 3, 2017

Fly Guy's Favorite Dessert: Dirt Cake

Flies love gross stuff: moldy bread, rotten meat, and stale Oreo cookies.  Just one of the many things we humans don't have in common with our fly friends.  But, what if, just for an afternoon we could enjoy gross treats just as much as these bugs do?

Treat yourself to some afternoon grub with dirt cake!

fly guy the musical
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The perfect treat for spring time, get your kid's psyched for Fly Guy, the Musical with this no bake, easy to make dirt cake!

fly guy the musical
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  • 1 Oreo package--double stuff or flavored will lighten the color of your top soil, but add fun flavor to the mix!
  • 1 16 oz. instant pudding package--chocolate will leave your dirt extra brown, while vanilla or banana will make for light colored layers
  • 1 16 oz Cool Whip--full fat is best to create extra fluffy dirt.  Our try non-dairy Coco Whip for a slight coconut flavor!
  • Gummy worms, or other fun treats to bury in the mud!
  • Fun container--clean plastic pot, lined terra cotta pot, or just some cups for serving!

fly guy the musical
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How to make no-bake dirt cake:

  1. Mix pudding per box instructions.
  2. Grind Oreos into a soil-like consistency.  If you don't have a food processor, try putting the Oreos in a Ziplock and smashing them for extra fun!
  3. Separate pudding into two portions.
  4. Mix one portion of pudding with equal portion of Cool Whip.
  5. Start layering!  Layer pudding, Oreo crumbs, Cool Whip, and the pudding mix in whatever order you like, making sure to leave a thick layer of Oreo dirt on top!
  6. Garnish with creepy crawlers and enjoy!

Don't worry, if you think you made too much dirt cake, leave it on the counter for a few days, and Fly Guy will finish it for you!

fly guy

Get your tickets for Fly Guy, the Musical, before he flies away!

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